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Your Child Is Going To Be A Master Magician!

Your Chidren’s Favourite Entertainer Jamie Jambo is offering YOUR CHILD an EXCLUSIVE chance to attend Wizard School!

The lucky children who attend The Jamie Jambo Wizard School will learn AMAZING Magic Tricks and TOP SECRETS from sleight of hand, misdirection, and performance techniques that they can apply to their own magic. Not to forget They will see Jamie Jambo perform amazing unforgetable Illusions too!!



Jamie Jambo Wizard School

How will my child benefit from wizard school?

  • They will gain more self confidence!
  • Improves awareness!
  • Encourage’s them to make new friends!
  • Helps them find a new skill that will open the doors for future success!
  • Lets them express themselves!
  • Improves hand & eye co-ordination!


Jamie Jambo Wizard School Each attendee will take home..              

  1. All props and supplies!
  2. Learn Magic DVD 13 great tricks!
  3. Certificate of magic! ( Signed by Jamie Jambo)
  4. A Magic Wand!

and of course.. bag loads of knowlege to peform their very own magic show infront of ther friends and family!



How will the day run? 

Your child will be asked to sign in with Jamie Jambo and his expert team. An introduction with a 5 minute talk about magic and the differen’t types of magic and performance and the key success for becoming the best magician your child can possibly be! Each child will take a seat at their allocated place at the table. They will find their very own magic equipment and props which they get to keep at the end of Wizard School specially created just for WIZARD SCHOOL! Jamie Jambo will then demonstrate each trick individually. Jamie and his team will then work with every child on a one to one basis helping them succeed to the highest standard that they can achieve!!

5 minute break ( Orange Juice, blackcurrant Juice and water Included )

It’s then time to start learning lots of new magic tricks once again! Each child is then invited to come up and show what AMAZING magic tricks they have learnt from the day ( only if they would like too) Your child will be awarded a Certificate of Magic and a huge round of applause from fellow Wizard School members.

All of the children then join Jamie Jambo for the Comedy Juggling and Magic Show!


Wizard School Times 

First Class: 11am-1pm

Second Class: 3pm-5pm

(Please note both classes are exactly the same. Please arrive 20 minutes before the magic class in order to sign in)


Please remember places for The Jamie Jambo Wizard School are EXTREMELY LIMITED to ONLY 20 Children per class! Book Now before all spaces are gone!!


Wizard School Location

Venue Address: Tuesday 4th August 2015 at St. Leonards Hotel, 185 Ringwood Road, Ringwood, Dorset, BH24 2NP. FREE PARKING and Situated on the A31 it makes easy access from Bournemouth/Poole/Ringwood/Christchurch and surrounding towns!!

Jamie Jambo Wizard School Venue



My child is extremely shy. will he/she be okay?

Yes of course! Your child will be well looked after and he/she doesn’t have to participate if they do not want too. I’m sure after a couple of minutes of learning some amazing tricks they will be eager and proud to show what they have learnt!

My child can already do some magic tricks will he/she learn anything new?

You can never stop learning in the magic world! I can guarantee 100% that your child will go home with new idea’s and tricks that they haven’t seen before. Don’t forget that each magic set is created by me from my experience as a full time proffesional magician for over 12 years!!

Do I stay or leave my child at Wizard School?

You are more than welcome to stay. However we want all students to focus and not have any distractions. We do advise you leave your child with us at Wizard School. We are lucky that we’re holding Wizard School at the St Leonards Hotel, Feel free to put your feet up relax and dine in the restaurant whilst your children are attending wizard school. They will be looked after and we will have your details on file with us on the day.

What Ages does Wizard School cater for?

Wizard School is for ages 6yrs-11yrs. All children must be willing to learn and have an interest in magic.




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Jamie Jambo Wizard School

Once payment and registration form have been received. You will receive your Jamie Jambo Wizard School booking confirmation within 5 days of payment.


Jamie Jambo Children's Entertainer

I look forward to seeing YOU at The Jamie Jambo Wizard School!