Jamie Jambo is an accomplished circus skills instructor who will provide the very best circus skills workshops for your next event!

Both children and adults can try their hand at Circus Skills under the trained supervision of circus skills expert Jamie Jambo!!

Jamie will get right down to the children’s level and will teach them how to juggle, spin a classic spinning plate, Diablo, Devil Sticks, Juggling Hoops and not forgetting balancing a real peacock feather on your chin, elbow or even your little toe!

Jamie has spent the last 16 years developing and honing his skills and has traveled across the globe teaching all ages circus skills and magic/performance tuition. Jamie can provide circus skills workshops for fetes, fun days and Schools alongside his Comedy Juggling and Magic Performances and balloon art. He can also put together a structured day of circus skills for your school, beavers, scouts or corporate team building day.

Jamie covers schools in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Dorchester, Weymouth and also the Southampton area.

Circus Skills Workshops will be one of the best decisions you make for your Fun day, Fete or School Fayre Guaranteed!!!


Roll Up Roll Up!

Jamie can provide a full day of circus skills Workshops for all outside events! Jamie will create an area specifically for the circus skills workshop creating a safe and controlled environment! Children and adults can freely choose when they would like to participate. This adds a unique touch to your event and a fantastic focus point and attraction which is very, very unique!!



Here’s why lots of schools are choosing circus skills…

✔ Helps promote self esteem and spacial awareness!

✔ Helps Improve co-ordination and Balance!

✔ Let’s children shine who may often find it difficult to listen in the classroom environment!

✔ Helps promote physical activity and P.E in general

✔ Helps Problem solving and working as a team!

Circus Workshops for Schools


End of term treat or maybe a circus themed topic? Circus Skills Workshops are a perfect addition for Schools!  Jamie can provide a full day with up to 4 Circus Workshop sessions. Jamie will help each child individually during the circus workshop session teaching each child their chosen circus skill. We then finish the fun filled day by bringing the whole school back together to watch Jamie Jambo’s 1 hour Comedy Juggling and Magic performance!!


Circus Workshop sessions are available for up to 30 children in each class and can range from 45 minutes-1 hour in length. Jamie will help each student reach there full potential. One adult must be present in the room at all times. Get in contact with Jamie today to see how he can bring circus skills to your school or event!