On Tuesday 4th August 2015 Lots of students joined me for a day of mystical,magical fun! On The day, the children arrived dressed as witches and wizards and were eager to learn lots of new skills in the world of magic! The children were then given an in depth 5 minute talk about magic and the different types of magic and performance and the key success for becoming the best magician they could possibly be!


Each child then took a seat at their allocated place at the table. They then found their very own magic equipment and props which they got to keep at the end of their time after wizard school. Each magic kit was specially created just for WIZARD SCHOOL which meant they were able to perform the magic tricks they had learnt from the day for their family and friends. I then demonstrate each trick and the children were then asked to show what they had learnt from the day. At the end of the class, each child was awarded with a certificate of Magic and a huge round of applause from fellow Wizard School members and parents.


Wizard School was a huge success! For me, It was really nice seeing the children engaging and learning new skills which they didn’t know they had. Where our society has now changed with a technology fueled community, I thought it would be a great idea to put on a program that was both productive and engaging for the younger generation. I am so pleased by the response it got and I really do hope It happens again in the near future.