About Jamie Jambo

Juggling, Magic & Where it all began…

Meet Jamie




Jamie has always wanted to be in the spotlight!

The AWARD WINNING entertainer Jamie Jambo is young, dynamic, excitable and very, very entertaining. He has a great ability to involve all of the children in the party creating the party atmosphere your child is expecting. He combines Comedy, Magic and Puppetry and Juggling to make the show EXTRA special. This is the key for keeping the children captivated and hooked throughout the entire performance!

Jamie’s experience comes from his early career, when he was a child, performing in the Moscow State Circus at just aged 9 and making headlines being the First Non Russian to appear in the Moscow state circus in over 200 years!! he then later appeared in the world famous Chinese State Circus making national and international headlines appearing in the The Sunday Telegraph, The Mirror, The Sun and not forgetting BBC Breakfast Live too!

Jamie has an amazing ability to relate to the children and ensure they all enjoy what he is doing, Adults too enjoy Jamie’s fantastic entertainment and humour during his parties.

Jamie Jambo is one of the most sought after children’s and families entertainer in the UK! Due to his exposure to the entertainment industry at an early age, Jamie has had many years experience entertaining people and this has led to an impressive range of clients and many well known brands which are highly recognised around
the globe!