Well, if I was to read feedback from a parent that is as good as what I have to say about Jamie Jambo I would probably wonder if it was authentic or was a matter of a hefty bribe. My son Kai had a joint birthday party with a school friend. There were about 60 children present. Jamie came in and could obviously see the stress on my face and was very good at helping putting me at ease. I really was shocked with the ease that Jamie was able to capture the attention of such a large amount of children and get them to settle and go with him on his magical ride of entertainment. The children were enthralled and when I looked to the stage to see what was happening, I must admit I was also put under his spell. Keeping them well connected with him seemed to be no small feet for this seasoned professional. I was pleasantly shocked and surprised that Jamie was able to recapture their full attention after snack and nibbles time giving us parents a very smooth party experience.I have hired various entertainers at various venues for my children’s birthday parties and I must admit full heartedly Jamie Jambo had been the best all around entertainer of them all. Yes, I recommend him HIGHLY.